Intelligent Plant Automation System iPAS

iPAS solution is mobility enabler for a manufacturing plant taking ERP to the factory worker/operators. iPAS wraps around popular ERP solutions like SAP R/3 and comes integrated with networked handheld devices, barcode scanners, RFID scanners, touch kiosks and desktop computers. iPAS offers very intuitive and simple to use graphical user interface . Factory workers/operators can easily perform transactions like goods receipt, label printing, put away, bin-to-bin, destocking, process order confirmation etc using the handheld device. Production managers can schedule and monitor various activities on the floor. No pre-requisite software or computer knowledge is expected.

Fact & Figures Stock Takes

Up & Successfully running at Client Factory since end of 2007.
Every year the warehouse inventory accuracy is improving with iPAS

Stock Takes (Actual) Figures
Jul 07 Aug 08 Jul 09
Inventory Accurancy 38.56% 77.98% 93.74%
Varience Quantity -133,430 55651 371
Counted 83,737 252,740 303,170
Book 217,167 197,089 302,801
Variance Value (AUD) $ -9,247 $ 7,224 $ 9,413
Warehouse Accuracy N / A N / A $ 83.3

Business Value Adds

iPAS Working& Architecture

iPAS Comprises of three major Components

All three are networked and work cohesively. iPAS server forms the back-bone for the solution and has access to SAP server, Oracle server and print server. iPAS server is hosted on a Windows IIS server and allows browser based access. iPAS desktop application & handheld application are always connected to the iPAS server over LAN and perform all transactions in real time.

iPAS desktop application allows operators/managers to schedule tasks, monitor status, generate reports, handle exceptions & other housekeeping functions.

iPAS handheld application integrated with a barcode scanner or RFID Scanner, allows operator to move around the factory and perform tasks such as goods receipt, bin-to-bin movement etc on the oor of the factory/warehouse. The transaction is at real time updated into SAP by the iPAS Server.

Third party tools like VTI (SAP Add-on from Sky Technologies), BarTender (From Seagull Scientic) are needed to realize full capability of iPAS solution. VTI is required to syncronize SAP tables. BarTender is required to print labels / RFID's.

iPAS Modules


  • Goods Receipt
  • Label Printing
  • Stock Put Away
  • Bin to Bin Movement
  • Error Logging & Tracing
  • Stock check
  • Reports


  • Calendar based Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Real Time Stock Adjustment
  • Picking & Preweigh
  • Destocking
  • Optimized Picking Strategies
  • Real time Messenger for Issue reporting


  • Recipe Management
  • Calendar based Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Real Time PPE, Recipe changes, Alerts and Notifications
  • Integration with Lab System
  • Automated Label Printing
  • Process Order Confirmation
  • Step by Step Phase instruction


  • Delivery Calendar
  • Delivery Prioritization
  • Optimized Picking Strategies
  • Check and Pack
  • Support for Multiple pickers
  • Dispatch
  • Integration with Third Party Carrier Software's

Testimonials What the world thinks of us

iPAS has been so user friendly that we never had to struggle learning it before using it effectively. It has not only saved time and effort but also made our day to day work more interesting.

Alan O'Hara, Supply Chain Manager

Staff has really embraced iPAS technology because they see how efficient and time saving it can be. This solution has enabled us to do things right and make our lives easier.

Steve Trensfield, Inward Goods